Policies and Procedures 2019


Membership in CIYC means a commitment to:

  • Faithful and punctual attendance at all rehearsals and performances.
  • Self-discipline, focused attention, and professionalism at rehearsals and performances.
  • Respect for other chorus members, CIYC staff, parent volunteers, and the rehearsal and performance facilities.
  • Wear the full and correct uniform for performances and some specified rehearsals.
  • Handle music with care.
  • Remain active in the program for the entire season.
  • Make CIYC an important priority. CIYC’s continued musical and professional success depends on each singer’s active and enthusiastic participation.


Singers are expected to attend all rehearsals and performances scheduled for their choir. Each singer holds a valuable place in the choir. Absences affect not only the individual singer’s progress, but also that of the entire ensemble.

  • All absences must be reported to the Administrative Director in writing via email. Please state the singer’s name, choir, current date, date of absence, and reason for the absence PRIOR to the rehearsal or performance.
  • Anticipated absences from rehearsals should be reported as far in advance as possible as a courtesy to the Conductor.
  • Attendance at performances is mandatory. A conflict with a performance (due to a prior commitment which cannot be rescheduled) must be reported to the Administrative Director in writing as soon as possible after receiving the CIYC performance schedule. An anticipated absence from a performance must be pre-approved by the Conductor at least one month prior to the performance.
  • The only excused absences are those due to illness, family emergencies, mandatory school functions, or religious commitments.
  • Absences due to recurring conflicts or extenuating circumstances must be discussed with and approved by the Conductor.
  • Reheasals in collaboration with other organizations are mandatory.  Conflicts must be discussed with and approved by the Conductor.  Absence from a collaborative rehearsal may result in a singer being pulled from the performance.
  • Excessive absences may result in a singer being pulled from a performance or possibly dismissed from CIYC.


All music provided for use by choir members is borrowed from the CIYC music library or from other organizations.  Members are expected to keep it in good condition.  Chamber Choir singers receive a folder and are assigned a music number. Music distributed to each singer is numbered accordingly.

  • All music must be returned in good condition at the end of each semester or when a singer withdraws for any reason. Music borrowed from other organizations must be returned as called for by the Conductor.
  • If music is damaged or not returned, the singer will be charged for the replacement of that music. Replacement costs vary.
  • Music is always to be kept and carried in folders.
  • Music must not be folded or rolled.
  • Singers may mark music LIGHTLY in pencil only to help remember special instructions from the Conductor.
  • Drawing/doodling on the music is not allowed.
  • It is the responsibility of each Chamber Choir singer to bring a sharpened pencil with an eraser to each rehearsal.
  • All markings in the music must be erased before music is returned.
  • Stickers and drawings are not allowed on the outside of the folders.

Closed Rehearsals

All CIYC rehearsals are limited to enrolled singers, staff, guest artists, and personnel from performing arts organizations with which CIYC collaborates.  Occasionally, staff may invite parents or other visitors to hear a portion of a rehearsal.

Cause for Dismissal

Excessive absences, unexcused absences, inability to demonstrate knowledge of the repertoire, improper uniform, inappropriate or recalcitrant behavior, and lack of commitment are causes for a conference with the Conductor or Artistic Director, and may result in a singer being pulled from a performance or dismissed from CIYC.

Cancellation Due to Weather

CIYC generally follows Champaign Unit 4 School District decisions regarding cancellations due to inclement weather. If Champaign Unit 4 Schools are closed, dismiss early, or cancel after-school activities due to weather conditions, then CIYC usually cancels rehearsals.  In addition, if Faith UMC cancels activities in inclement weather, CIYC will cancel rehearsals. In the event of inclement weather, choir families will be notified by email and "Remind" message if a rehearsal is canceled.  Performances are not likely to be canceled unless weather conditions are extreme.