Our choir’s appearance, as well as its sound, is important in presenting a professional and artistic performance. Members must wear the complete and correct uniform for performances and adhere to performance appearance policy.

Performance Appearance Policy

  • The choir uniform should fit properly and be clean, pressed, and in good repair.
  • Hair should be groomed away from the face.  Barrettes, narrow headbands, and elastic bands that match hair color may be used. However, please refrain from using colorful bows, ribbons, barrettes, or noticeable ornamentation.
  • Make-up and jewelry should not be noticeable. Stud earrings will be allowed (no more than two per ear).
  • Our goal is to look unified and professional. Final appearance decisions are at the discretion of the Directors and Administrative Director.

Concert Dress

CIYC will purchase logo t-shirts for all singers who need one after registration is complete.

 Music Makers and Concert Choir singers’ uniforms for concerts will be the CIYC logo t-shirts and black long bottoms provided by each family (can be pants, leggings, or skirt/shorts with leggings) and black shoes.

Chamber Choir and Youth Chorale’s uniform will be an all black outfit of each singer’s choosing.  Short or long sleeved tops are acceptable as long as they are relatively modest.  Bottoms should be long (skirts above the ankle need black tights/leggings), pants are appropriate, and shoes must be black.  Former Chamber Choir dresses are acceptable but not required.

Casual Uniforms

Each singer who registers for CIYC will be given a red CIYC logo t-shirt. Singers may be asked to wear these CIYC logo t-shirts for select rehearsals, and whenever else they would like to just for fun. These shirts will be part of the Music Makers and Concert Choir uniform.

You will select a size for your singer's shirt as part of their registration form.  We find the shirts run a little bit small, so please plan accordingly.

If you would like to help us defray the cost of the shirts, you can submit a donation of $10 to cover the cost of your child's shirt: https://www.ciycsings.org/make-a-payment/



A well-fitting mask is recommended for singers who would like to wear one and is required for all singers who are sick or recovering from COVID.

A disposable mask that some families like to use while singing, is a Korean mask called a KF94 that stands away from the singer’s mouth a bit while staying relatively tight to the singer’s face: Larger KF94 or Smaller KF94